By Guest Contributor: ARKA

Since forever, businesses have heard the same mantra preached over and over again - put the customer first. But, many brands are discovering that adhering to this mantra is now harder than ever before. 

Why? Because customers today have more options than they’ve ever had. As a result, no two may actually want or need the same thing. So, how do you ensure you keep them all - regardless of what offering they avail of - coming back for more?

Here are a couple of things that come to mind: 

Use clear and consistent messaging across ALL your channels

Thanks to both social media and online advertising, customers today are exposed to information across a multitude of platforms. Something brands may overlook is that if they do not take charge of their own narrative, this can lead to mass confusion amongst consumers. 

What do we mean by that? Well, consistent messaging helps customers to choose products from a reliable source. If your branding isn’t strong, it becomes impossible for consumers to differentiate between a brand page and a fake page. You want to minimize the amount of time and energy customers spend figuring out if they are seeing authenticity or not.

Let’s say your product is high quality, people will want to get their hands on it in any way they can. Someone may have a knock off version - of significantly less quality - on offer. Someone may even run a fake online competition, masquerading as your business. All of this can lead to customers getting ripped off, getting their personal information stolen, or being delivered sub-par products. This is all bad news for you. 

It can ruin your reputation for quality, and completely destroy the faith people have in your brand. To avoid such nightmarish scenarios, it’s crucial to ensure all internal and external stakeholders work with your brand manual in mind. This includes everything from product pictures to packaging, which is somewhere we could help you. Arka offers custom packaging and the ability to order as little as 10 boxes. This means you can create your own unique and limited edition designs, making them super hard to be copied by others, and super easy to promote on your own verified platforms. 

Provide the best experience possible - Evoke positive feelings!

As a brand, you must go further than having excellent products and services. It can be the other, seemingly innocuous things that set you apart from the crowd - such as a great delivery experience.

A brand whose work we admire at Arka is the makeup brand Glossier. They are a digitally native brand who are regarded as one of the most successful ones in the market right now. 

Every Glossier package comes with an innovative pouch and stickers that customers can use to create their own custom makeup bag. This is exciting for the customer, as it evokes positive emotions towards Glossier they will likely value in the future. Not only that, this serves as an incentive for people to post about their purchases on social media, thus driving the kind of virality for Glossier that most brands only aim for.  

If your products make customers feel good about themselves, they’ll keep coming back for more. Clients regularly come to us to see how we can improve their customer satisfaction. For example, we provide eco-friendly boxes to clients that ship to environmentally conscious customers.

Value existing customers more than potential ones 

Gaining new customers can be expensive. Selling to an existing customer, however, is much cheaper and easier. Loyalty is built one good experience at a time, so it’s important not to take your eye off the ball. Keep them informed of new products, offer them special rates, etc.

Loyal customers are also likely to spend more during sale seasons, attend promotional events, and even buy from new collections that are being tested out. They make a valuable audience that one simply cannot go wrong with. What this means is that brands can experiment with novel ideas more freely with these people. 

One way we recommend proving you’re dedicated to a customer is making a simple, personalized touch. For example, take your 10 most loyal customers. Next time they order, why not deliver them a custom made package with a hand written note to show how much you appreciate them? Custom packaging is an art, and with more than a decade of experience, we’d be delighted to help you out.


At every step of the way in order fulfillment, branding has a role to play. Good brands know that a cookie-cutter coupon does not work for everyone. Going the extra mile is all about being attuned to customers and their individual needs, enough to be able to deliver great results every single time.


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