Hillary for America
Presidential Campaign 2016

When I received the call from the HFA design team, to help elect the first female president,
I felt it was the ultimate service of our country (well, at least in the design world, it was). 
It was not only about making history or breaking barriers, it stood for the principles
I live upon: Love Trumps Hate. Taking this job was a no-brainer because, I was totally with her.

My response, "Hill Yes, let's do this!" Once on the campaign, I designed graphics for all of our coalitions, volunteering, and individual state campaigns; I even got to knock on a few hundred doors, and meet people I've looked up to my entire life. You can just imagine how much work this was, but it was totally worth it!  The most challenging, yet amazing work experience
of my life and though we did not win, I believe the best is yet to come.
Check out some of my work below. 


Early Vote Poster
President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton 

President Barack Obama had just endorsed Hillary Clinton
as the Democratic presidential nominee and stated,
"I don't think there's ever been someone so qualified
to hold this office." We decided to have our early vote poster
show the support of the president behind her.
Below are some iterations, and then the final design. 





Statue of Liberty "H"

For national holidays we'd often design
and release fun H-logo's to highlight
the importance of that holiday.
October 28, 1886, the Statue of Liberty
was given as a gift to the United States
from the people of France. To celebrate it,
I designed the Statue of Liberty "H". 

Volunteer Social Graphics
Stronger Together 




Make Calls for Hillary! 

I led the call tool graphics for Hillary, 
which was used to promote our call teams
across the country. People could team up 
with friends, family, and other Hillary 
volunteers to talk to even more voters about
when and where to show up for Hillary
on Election Day. To the right and below 
is a graphic I created to promote it. 

Love Trumps Hate Poster Video





You Have My Vote 
Music Video

Singer and songwriter, Bebe Winans
wrote this song in support of Hillary Clinton,

called, "You Have My Vote." He was inspired
by Hillary and what she has done with her life
and her service to people. In that inspiration
he created this song, it made its way to the 
campaign, and I was asked to design an organic
look and feel for it.

State and School Graphics
Stronger Together