Highland Bakery Branding

Highland Bakery is known for their whole grain breads, artisan style, and fresh-from-scratch cakes. Located in the artistic district of the old fourth ward in Atlanta, GA, they are the heart of the neighborhood. The branding created was meant to reflect their unique identity, and highlight the process in which fresh and raw ingredients are being blended together to create rich style foods. The cream tops symbolize the icing on the cake, and the brown colors represent bread. Bread is seen as a representation of sustenance, strength, everyday life, and eating. On the other end of the spectrum, it is the epitome of temptation. It connects people to culture, and tradition. This is perfect for Highland Bakery because they are also all about neighborhood and community connection. The imperfectness of the logo is a reflection of their staff, crafty bakers and chefs with raw talent that tend to be more rough around the edges. The design of the logo is that of craftsmanship, but with an imperfect look. Overall the brand is inviting, minimal and friendly.