The Gift Undone Publication

incomplete, unfinished, and unraveled

The Gift Undone is a newsprint style booklet about five incredibly talented artists portraying their gifts with a common link of living fast, and dying young and tragically. Each one of these artists, Jean Michel Basquiat, Amy Winehouse,Tupac Shakur, Alexander McQueen and Jimmy Hendrix all shared these things in common. These are examples of creative minds that were truly

undone by their own gifts and died just a little more every time they created and gave to the world. As artistic martyrs they have laid their own lives down, each knowing their time was coming soon and that death was near. But still continuing down the road of sudden end. However, as long as they could share their story and create a use of therapy, it was worth it. 

We the world watched and listened to the art intheir anguish and their pain, as they relived it repeatedly so that we could heal through their craft. We adored the way they dug deeply into the depth of their truth to bring art to reality. Hopefully this book helps you reflect on the linkbetween creativity and suffering. And present the question, why do great artists live tormented lives?

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