Atlanta City Branding

Sunrise to Sunrise

This is a concept design for Atlanta, GA; the most progressive city in the south and the transporation hub of the world. Atlanta has a rich history of diversity, great neighborhood civic pride, big business with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and it's an entertainment paradise. It's still known as the city that is too busy to hate because Atlantans work hard together and play even harder. Their on-the-go attitude doesn’t stop, from sunrise to sunrise. This rebranding of Atlanta is meant to draw an increasing number of young and diverse professionals to the city to live, work, and play. Promoting the idea that Atlanta is a city of dreams and opportunities for all types of people, offering a great place to grow professionally, have a family, and live at a reasonable cost. So the brand reflects this in it’s sunrise and sunset inspired palette, it’s friendly ribbon like mark, and progressive logotype.  

Branding CityBranding City
City mockup 2City mockup 2
ATL bag mockupATL bag mockup