I'm a designer who takes pride in her creative versatility which applies to a number of media environments from design, branding and advertising. I am a dreamer and an accomplished craftsperson who believes in creating purposeful connections between people and ideas that will be memorable. I love to make things and change the way people might experience their world.

Partnering Business and Design

I'm Sharion Biggers, and I design businesses and their customer touchpoints using brand communications, brand-led marketing and business strategy based out of New York. 

As an award winning creative and MBA, I have a tremendous passion for the unity of business and design. I believe the basis of any growing business is their story; and stories are purely told through powerful branding, smart design and the building of a business. Most companies see their businesses through a single lens of design instead of the umbrella of branding, and it's to their detriment as we live in a brand saturated world. The average person is bombarded with over 4000 brand messages a day, and in order to stand out and gain a position in their mind, your company must fight for greatness. It's vital that a company has an understanding of what a brand truly is beyond their logo, font, or color scheme.

Branding is a set of qualities, ideals, and attributes that you promise and deliver in all of your experiences, physical and digital; as well as all interactions a person may have with your company internally and externally. It’s a person’s gut feeling about your product, service or company. If you have a business, you have a brand, and great brands aren’t here by happenstance or created without professional help. Coca-Cola, Virgin, Amazon and countless others strategically designed their companies before the world knew them, in order to become great. So embrace brand-led design and marketing while you have a voice to be heard and while your still playing the game of attraction. Additionally, know the purpose of design is to solve business problems. Businesses are best built when led by design, just ask Apple.